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Having an awareness of digital transformation is no longer enough; businesses need to assess their readiness for change and develop a roadmap. Oliver helps businesses identify where they currently stand in regards to digital transformation, figure out what they need to do in order to progress, and develop a plan of action that is tailored specifically for them.

Awareness Transformational Change

Inspire your leadership team, board, customers, or employees by introducing them to a range of transformational technologies and their impact.

Digital Opportunity Assessment

Understand and document the value chain for your business and identify how innovative technologies can provide new opportunities for growth, operational efficiency, or innovation along the business value chain.

Digital Vision Development

(Government & Education Sectors)

Help your government or education sector organization by providing a framework for understanding the digital world and how to navigate it.

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Awareness of Transformation

Awareness of Transformational Change

The first step for any organization to participate in Digital Transformation is the ability to  understand the major technology-driven trends and how they are impacting the organization.

There is a range of individual high-impact technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Advanced Robotics, and Natural Language, which can provide opportunities for the organization, and sometimes the desire is to understand each one in detail. We have created a comprehensive seminar series (60-90 minutes each), which can be delivered in person or virtually. The line-up of relevant seminars can be freely chosen.

For a more integrated perspective at the industry level, a different format will combine multiple technologies through the lens of how they are unfolding their impact on the chosen industry or economic segment (manufacturing, agriculture, education, white collar/back-office jobs, etc).

Each seminar is filled with examples of real-world applications. Oliver does not approach awareness building from a technologist's perspective but from a strategist/futurist point of view.

What is a Futurist?

A futurist is someone who continuously pays attention to signals indicating the emergence of new trends, to the patterns and evidence that these trends are manifesting. Oliver has worked on a wide range of topics, from technology-driven change to climate change impacts and broad, regional assessments of becoming future ready.

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Digital Opportunity Assessment

A digital opportunity assessment creates an overview of an organization's value chain or business system and identifies advanced technologies in every element of that value chain.  Each opportunity is described with examples of how the technology is being used by similar companies or in similar business situations.

Benefits of a Digital Opportunity Assessment

  • Grounded in the unique organizational reality, not cookie-cutter pre-made
  • Increases awareness and understanding of high-impact advanced technologies
  • Provides an opportunity for leadership of the entire organization to see a range of technology-driven impacts in context as a basis for dialogue and prioritization

Formats Timeline for the Digital Opportunity Assessment

The Digital Opportunity Assessment can be conducted in several formats.

  • The “Flyover” version is based on one or a small number of conversations with representatives of the organization. The value chain and opportunity research are limited to about one day. The findings are shared in a 1-2 hour conversation. This version is well suited to dip a “toe in the water” without making a substantial time and resource commitment.
  • The “Expanded” version grounds the understanding of the organization in a series of individual or group conversations. Multiple days of research are followed by a half-day workshop with the organization to discuss the findings.
  • The “Deep Dive” version expands further beyond merely identifying the opportunities and guides the organization along the POP Framework (Posture, Opportunity, Preparation) toward the development of an Integrated Game Plan for Digital Transformation.
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Digital Vision Development

(Government & Education Sectors)

Digital Vision Development combines several techniques into a single process:  Collaborative Visioning, Awareness of Transformational Change, and Digital Opportunity Assessment all contribute to the outcomes. Variations of this process have been successfully deployed with Local/Regional Government and Education clients.

Benefits of Digital Vision Development

  • Brings a diverse group of stakeholders from the organization and the broader community, including technology experts, into constructive dialogue.
  • Increases organizational awareness of key technology trends and impacts.
  • Allows for the formulation of a digital vision and roadmap, which can be an important signal of differentiation for the organization.

How Digital Vision Development Works

See prior sections on Collaborative Visioning, Awareness of Transformational Change, and Digital Opportunity Assessment for details. A custom process will be created to mirror the needs of the organization.

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Picture of client.

We live in a world the is posing an abundance of challenges and we need visionary thinkers and leaders to help us address them. What Oliver has done with Advancing AI Wisconsin is an example of rising to the task and his vision paper on the “Digital Transformation of Wisconsin” is likely the most integrated and comprehensive evaluation of the current state and the opportunities we can pursue. It is a pleasure and an honor to be working with him on shaping the future of Wisconsin.

Paul Linzmeyer
Chairman of the Board, The Farmory
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Picture of client.

I have been in technology and analytics throughout my entire career and spent the last decade specializing in AI. Oliver’s ability - as a non-technologist - to grasp the key concepts and make them easy to understand is remarkable. I had the opportunity to teach his seminar “Understanding AI Like Never Before” and the ability to connect with the audience and see the “lights go on” was simply amazing.

Doug Barton
Director, UW E-Business Consortium
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